Jared Brickman

I bring new technology to market via modern, evidence-based Marketing programs.

Today, I’m at leading investment firm Insight Partners, where I help investors conduct due diligence and technology leaders scale their marketing programs. Before Insight Partners, I was at $1.4B banking AI startup Snapdocs where I directed an account-based marketing (ABM) initiative that 2x’d bookings, 3x’d average contract value, and closed 4 of the top 40 U.S. banks in its first year. Prior to that, I launched a demand generation program into four new markets at drone startup PrecisionHawk, twice doubling the company’s annual revenue.

In each of these roles, it was my team that achieved the outcomes. I gave staff the space to innovate while holding them accountable to shared objectives via transparent reporting. While we built the business, we grew as a team and as professionals.

Ultimately, I hope my work in tech helps make the world more healthy, prosperous, and sustainable: For my wife, with whom I hike, bike, kayak, and travel the world; and for my baby boy, who’s already fostering a love of the same.

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