GenAI & the new generation of GTM

At the start of 2023, ChatGPT, Craiyon, and other GenAI platforms captivated the world with their ability to draw inferences. But, early adopters have used GenAI for years.

I’ve studied how leading marketers have used the tech to do more in their GTM, adding it to their operations while mitigating common risks.

Talk Abstract

GTM teams are using generative AI (GenAI) to achieve extraordinary gains in performance. For instance, Emotive used Writer to 2X search traffic in four weeks. Intuit proved an 18x return on investment from their use of the ai writing assistant.

In this session, we’ll discuss the benefits of using GenAI in GTM, as well as practical tips on how to start experimenting with GenAI use cases today. We’ll show how GenAI can produce intelligent outputs based on limited inputs, enabling GTM teams to derive ads, emails, webpages, and other tactics from larger content assets, as well as create rich and personalized outbound tactics and customer support documents.

We’ll also discuss the potential risks associated with using GenAI, such as accuracy, plagiarism, bias, and privacy concerns, and provide the tools to mitigate those risks.

By the end of this session, GTM leaders will be ready to pilot GenAI in their business, discovering how the technology can revolutionize the way you engage with your customers.

Interview Questions

  1. What inspired you to explore the field of Generative AI (GenAI)?
  2. How would you describe the benefits of GenAI to someone who is new to the technology?
  3. Can you walk us through an example of how GenAI has helped a business achieve extraordinary gains in performance?
  4. What are some of the most common use cases for GenAI that you have come across in your experience?
  5. What are some of the key risks associated with using GenAI, and how can businesses mitigate these risks?
  6. How do you see GenAI evolving in the next 5-10 years, and what opportunities do you think it will unlock?
  7. What are some of the most exciting recent developments in the field of GenAI that you are keeping an eye on?
  8. How do you think GenAI can be used to create more personalized and targeted marketing campaigns?
  9. Can you share any success stories of businesses that have used GenAI to enhance their customer support operations?
  10. How can businesses ensure that the outputs generated by GenAI align with their brand and quality standards?
  11. What challenges have you seen businesses face when trying to scale GenAI, and how can they overcome these challenges?
  12. How do you think GenAI can be used to streamline and automate internal business processes?
  13. What skills and competencies do you think are most important for businesses looking to implement GenAI successfully?
  14. How do you see the relationship between humans and GenAI evolving in the workplace, and what opportunities and challenges does this present?
  15. What advice would you give to businesses that are just starting to explore the potential of GenAI?

Jared Brickman

Jared Brickman is Senior Director of the Marketing Center of Excellence at leading software investor Insight Partners, where he advises CMOs of the firm’s 500+ portfolio companies on how to go-to-market. Learn More →

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