Accelerating ABX: fast, focused GTM

B2B GTM is about connecting to customers. But, GTM teams often get mired in wasteful campaigning and useless infighting over “who gets credit.”

In advising dozens of ABX practitioners–and building ABX programs myself–I’ve learned how GTM teams shortcut to buyers and cut out distractions.

Talk Abstract

In B2B, GTM teams must collaborate effectively to connect with customers. But too often, sales and marketing do not share a GTM strategy, nor a process for engaging prospects. The result? Lots of wasted time and effort.

As an operating advisor who has advised dozens of marketing teams and an ABX practitioner myself, I’ve learned that the most successful GTM teams:

  • Focus: They share a definition of their ideal customer and true obtainable market. They establish joint account plans, and criteria for prioritizing and timing outreach to in-market buyers.
  • Fast: They also seize on shortcuts to the market, including community, partners, channels, industry connections, analysts, customer advocates, and other pathways more expedient than ads and cold calls.

In this session, I’ll share practical insights and best practices that will accelerate your account-based GTM. You’ll learn how top performers home in on obtainable accounts and use unconventional tactics to drive inorganic growth.

Whether you’re a seller, marketer, or executive leader, you’ll leave this session with actionable takeaways for building an efficient and effective ABX program. Join me to learn how you can streamline your sales and marketing efforts and realize your GTM strategy.

Interview Questions

  1. What is your definition of ABX, and how does it differ from traditional sales and marketing approaches?
  2. Why is it important for sales and marketing teams to work together, and what are some common challenges they face in doing so?
  3. Can you share an example of a company that has successfully implemented an ABX program, and what were some of the key factors that contributed to its success?
  4. How can sales and marketing teams establish a shared definition of their ideal customer, and why is this important for ABX?
  5. What’s the difference between an addressable market and obtainable market? Why does that distinction matter?
  6. What are intent signals, and how can sales and marketing teams use them to focus on in-market buyers?
  7. What are some shortcuts to market that sales and marketing teams can leverage, and how can they determine which ones are most effective for their organization?
  8. What is a shared funnel model, and how can it help sales and marketing teams align their efforts?
  9. What are service-level agreements (SLAs), and how can they help define roles and responsibilities between sales and marketing teams?
  10. What is joint attribution, and why is it important for measuring the success of ABX programs?

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