How much revenue should come from existing customers?

Marketers: Are you booking as much as you can from customers?

Insight Partners studied the bookings mix of our portfolio companies: When a startup is earning $10-20M ARR, a median of ~1/3rd of bookings comes from customers; about half when they reach $50M ARR.

If you’re below benchmark, you might be missing upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Here’s how to grow faster by expanding your opportunity mix:

  1. Identify all your upsell and cross-sell opportunities (post-sale opps)
  2. Compare your post-sale opps to new business opps: How much faster, cheaper, and easier do you book them? 
  3. Forecast how you might close more post-sale opps, faster, by way of post-sale marketing tactics.
  4. Try those post-sale marketing tactics in a segment of customers and compare your results to a control group.

If you earned more bookings at a favorable margin over your post-sale marketing costs, then you can scale up to get more.

Jared Brickman

Jared Brickman is Senior Director of the Marketing Center of Excellence at leading software investor Insight Partners, where he advises CMOs of the firm’s 500+ portfolio companies on how to go-to-market. Learn More →

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