With which post-sale staff must marketers partner?

Marketers: Are you partnering with the right post-sale colleagues at the right time? Insight Partners’ research (summarized in the chart) shows it’s not as simple as pre-sale: Within Insight’s portfolio companies, various professionals own different parts of the customer lifecycle.

For instance, you might already help Customer Success Managers (CSMs) drive software feature adoption with drip emails and how-to content. But, are you working with Implementation Specialists to accelerate time-to-value via incentive programs? Just like you enable Account Executives (AEs) to pitch prospects, do you help Account Managers (AMs) nail the business review come “renewal time?”

To effectively orchestrate post-sale marketing tactics, you must coordinate with each stakeholder. It’s critical to realizing your firm’s customer account strategy:

Unify your go-to-account message: Marketing should be driving customers towards the same adoption and expansion goals as are the customers’ direct points-of-contact at the firm.

Deconflicting parallel tactics: Deploy or hold ads, emails, event invites, and other outreach at key moments.

Measure attribution correctly: Share in TTV, NRR, and other key post-sale performance measures with all participants.

Don’t know your Customer team terribly well? Based on our portfolio companies (“portcos”), here’s who to look for:

  1. Implementation. The first part of a customer’s journey is managed by a specialist or professional services in 70% of our portcos, with the remainder relying mainly on CSMs. As firms grow, they typically shift to dedicated professional services teams (67% of our portcos earning >$100M in ARR have done so).
  2. Adoption. In 86% of portcos, CSMs drive customers to use all your software’s available features.
  3. Expansion. Who Marketers partner with to expand a customer account often depends on their GTM orientation. More than half of portcos reintroduce the Seller (AE) when it’s time to directly add more licenses or sell other features/products (i.e., cross-sell and upsell). Another third introduce an AM, with 80% of said firms having product-led growth approaches to the market.
  4. Renewal. 56% of our portcos earning >$100M ARR have a dedicated renewals team. This isn’t as common in firms earning less, distributing the responsibility to any of AEs, AMs, or CSMs.

So, get to know your customer journey as well as you know your buyer journey; and coordinate with the variety of staff that aid customers along the way.

Jared Brickman

Jared Brickman is Senior Director of the Marketing Center of Excellence at leading software investor Insight Partners, where he advises CMOs of the firm’s 500+ portfolio companies on how to go-to-market. Learn More →

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