How can marketers start using generative AI?

If you’re a marketer who hasn’t recently thought about adding AI-generated content to your toolkit, you might consider giving it a look.

Why? The language models–and the tools that harness their power–have gotten incredibly fast and stunningly true-to-life. You can add speed and scale to your content production. But only by applying certain best practices.

How does a content marketer get the most out of an AI writing assistant? Not by inputting a couple of keywords and “letting it rip.”

First and foremost, people must partner with AI to get the content right. In the recent Insight Partners webinar “What Marketers Need to Know About AI-Generated Content,” marketing leader Jamie Barnett shared five key principles:

  1. A writer must be the driver, somebody who cares about “the fundamentals of good writing” and can guide the AI as it writes. Think of the human writer as the creative director and editor who directs a content producer (that can produce content near instantaneously).
  2. Tune the tone: adjust the AI writing tool’s voice to match your brand. Many AI writing tools feature settings for tonal qualities, such as audience, formality, domain, and intent.
  3. Apply your styleguide. Tell the AI writing assistant how to represent that match your brand by following specific guidelines.
  4. Watch for bias. “Content should promote healthy and positive communication and use inclusive language.” Watch for underlying biases that can be inherent in natural language models.
  5. Validate claims. Use the AI writing assistant’s fact-checker and back it up with a human fact-checker.

Second, apply AI writing assistants to all the cases in which it can save time. For example, while content marketers can write long-form content (i.e., solution briefs, whitepapers, eBooks) faster with the help of an AI writing assistant, they can also make gains by cutting down routine tasks, such as:

  • Deriving short, medium, and long summaries of a piece for use across a website, landing page, and other digital properties
  • “Brainstorming” keyword-rich and click-baiting titles for a post
  • Prepping social posts
  • Writing marketing and sales emails
  • Producing ad copy variants

Another time-saving trick content marketers can employ is converting transcripts, such as from webinars, interviews, and meetings, into copy. The list of use cases goes on.

Marketers can use AI writing assistants to bust through one of the most persistent bottle-necks of their marketing operation. By partnering people with AI on the best-fit use cases, they can unlock the speed and scale of a newsroom. Thanks to Paul McDonnell for putting together the webinar. 

Jared Brickman

Jared Brickman is Senior Director of the Marketing Center of Excellence at leading software investor Insight Partners, where he advises CMOs of the firm’s 500+ portfolio companies on how to go-to-market. Learn More →

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